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Microclimate ecology and biogeography

It’s one thing to have a great database. It’s a second one to put it to good use. The data is there, our SoilTemp-database for example has accumulated over 7500 loggers from all over the world now, and contributions are … Continue reading

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The state of biogeography

The yearly meetings of the International Biogeographical Society (IBS) provide the perfect opportunity to learn the latest about what is happening in this fascinating field (which focusses on the distribution of species on our planet, in past, present and future). … Continue reading

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Next week will bring me to Malaga, Spain, to a conference of the International Biogeography Society (IBS), a network of ecologists interested in the distribution of species. I will go there as a representative of my two favourite global networks: … Continue reading

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SoilTemp: towards a global map and database of soil temperature and climate

Short: we are looking for soil temperature data from all over the world for inclusion in our global database. Update: find the SoilTemp-website here! Many questions in ecology revolve around climate: what climatic requirements do organisms have, how do they … Continue reading

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Climate change biogeography

There are several ways in which one can tackle climate change and its effects on our world. Biogeographers are approaching the issue via one of its core fundaments: how is climate change affecting the distribution of all living things on … Continue reading

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This week, I joined an army of far over 200 biogeographers at the conference of the International Biogeographic Society in Evora, Portugal. Biogeowhat, you might ask? Well, biogeography is the study of the distribution of species, in the past, the … Continue reading

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