Study day

This week, we gathered in the beautiful city center of Antwerp for the PLECO Research Day, a yearly event that brings together all members of our research group for a day of discussions.


The towers of the church of Saint Joris above the Elzenveld, our meeting venue for the day in Antwerp.

As our group is steadily growing (over 60 active scientists now, with 4 professors at the steering wheel), such a yearly check-up is vital for the lab to keep running smoothly. It helps us to keep in touch with what the others are working on, and see how the group is moving forward, but it also gives the opportunity for new faces to get an overview of who is who, and what is what. It also serves as a necessary reminder for easy-to-forget lab rules.

Most importantly, for me, it provides the opportunity to seek for in-house expertise, which might otherwise be overlooked. With the topics I am focussing on being slightly detached from what the rest of the group is working on, it is tempting to seek partnerships across the globe. But oh the blessing when you realize the necessary expert is just sitting 3 doors away from you!


The ‘Zuiderpershuis’ in Antwerp, on my early-morning commute to the meeting

An excellent belated kick-off of the academic year, so to say.

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