Website updated

As I officially started my postdoc this month, it was due time to update the content of my website. As from today, this website has officially completed its transformation from a personal blog narrating the personal thoughts and adventures of a PhD-student into a platform displaying the research of me and my main collaborators.

You can now see this reflected at the top, where the menu is streamlined into 3 main headings:

  • About: details on me and my scientific goals, with now a big section on my closest colleagues.
  • The science: the main research section, consisting of two parts:
    • Main conclusionsa brief summary of the main outcomes of our research, sorted by topic.
    • Publication listan overview of all our published papers up till now, with for each of them a link to a blogpost summarizing the results.
  • Blogstill the main part of the website: updates on all the science we do, and adventures we have in search for answers.


My faithful followers do not have to worry, as for you, not much will change: you will still get a steady stream of adventures across the globe, and cool scientific results brightened up with pictures. Yet for new or accidental visitors, it became much easier to grab who I am (/who we are) and what scientific questions we answered so far.

I hope you like the change!

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1 Response to Website updated

  1. Mz&Cho says:

    Congrats! Please keep it coming.

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