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Sowing the seeds

This weird-looking bunch of office plants is actually much more than it seems: it is the start of a new experiment, which will broaden our scientific horizon to the world of population genetics. The lucky model species is Matricaria discoidea, … Continue reading

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Our paper in Oikos

Our latest paper on species evenness in diversity experiments is now officially published as Editor’s Choice in the March issue of Oikos! Good news for you, as that means the paper is now available open access. Find it here! Want … Continue reading

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The stunning truth behind the graph

Graphs often hide a lot of intriguing information, yet it is not always easy to get to what really matters. In ‘behind the graph’, I put in the effort to explain one of the main findings of our research and … Continue reading

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Where we disturb nature, the invaders quickly follow

Non-native plant invaders. Ecologists have been keeping an eye on them for a long time already. Species that flew in from somewhere far away and enter an environment where they don’t belong. Species that happily profit from our changing modern … Continue reading

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Will they make it?

For two years, we let our plants endure a variety of stressful conditions up in the high north: snow, cold, competition, nutrient limitations, they all got to deal with it in various amounts. We monitored them all along the way, … Continue reading

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An elegant proof of global warming

An easy yet elegant experiment to prove the role of carbon dioxide in global warming and show its effect to children, that was the question my colleagues were working on. The experiment is in fact really elegant, so I am happy to … Continue reading

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Above the polar circle – rematch, please

Mountain ecologist Jonas Lembrechts spent ten intense fieldwork days above the polar circle in Sweden and Norway, where he follows non-native plant species and their spread in the mountains. This post appears in a serie on this expedition. The story … Continue reading

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