Tiny blessings

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-06 at 10.23.24.jpegThis might not look like much to you, but the picture on the right is a massive success-story!

What you are looking at, is tiny clover-seedlings, sown last autumn in the barren climate of the northern Scandinavian mountains.

This means two things, both of them as extraordinary:

1) They germinated! What a relief, every time, to see these tiny fragile things emerging from the soil, after having been covered in snow and beaten off freezing conditions for months.

2) Someone is there to witness them! Yes, it is still corona-times, and no, we didn’t make it up north ourselves. But  thanks to the amazingly kind offer of the local fieldwork team, our fieldwork is happening anyway, and only very little will get lost!

Both of these things combined have another important consequence: the experiment from Jan is a success, bringing his PhD-project a huge jump forward.

More soon!

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