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Brussels-Madrid, a midnight cross-over of the Atlantic Ocean and the whole of South America, and a one hour flight south from Santiago, and there we were: Concepcíon, close to the Pacific Ocean, in Central Chile. There, on the shores of … Continue reading

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Short days, cold nights

The darkest part of the year on the northern hemisphere is upon us. Temperatures below zero, and days getting overwhelmed by the night before they even got the chance to start. This post is in honour of the Arctic, where they … Continue reading

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Sunset from JFK New York, last week, on our way back from the ESA ecological conference in Florida. I guess they call this a #trowback… I have had time to think about all I learned in America, and my main … Continue reading

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Midnight sun

One of the many perks of fieldwork in the high north is the midnight sun, the ‘endless day’ of weeks in a row. While it has its advantages for long days of fieldwork, it surely also adds to the spirit. … Continue reading

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It is as if Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings is sending his black clouds over the country and we are looking at the last ray of sun before the darkness of the Dark Lord overtakes our lands. That is … Continue reading

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The land of the setting sun…

… at least, so it felt after a week of beautiful summer weather. The western coast of Turkey boarders the Mediterranean Sea, and every night the sun drops from the sky into the water, painting the world with the warmest colours. Turkey definitely … Continue reading

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Symmetrical sunset

An eccentric yet beautiful sunset over the Leuvense Vaart in Mechelen, Belgium. The day had brought a small depression with a little bit of rain, but not enough to take away the heat that was lying heavily on the country. … Continue reading

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