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On the barricades for Arctic insects

Climate change is no joke, and the Arctic is feeling it. We know this, and have to act accordingly. What we also know, is that Arctic biodiversity is going to take a big part of the blow. What we know … Continue reading

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Yes, that title looks very Danish! I just returned from a short trip to the beautiful-yet-rainy east coast of Danmark, at the Aarhus University in Rønde. Besides for some outstanding Danish cuisine (did you try their amazing rye bread lunches?), … Continue reading

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The Tundra Trait Team

In ecology, it is not only relevant where a plant is growing (as is the usual topic of our research here), but also how it looks like when it grows there. The latter is reflected in the concept of traits: characteristics … Continue reading

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Den nya Floran!

My new books arrived! Brand new version of ‘Den nya nordiska Floran’, the book that provides the foundation for all my research. Perfectly clear (and totally stunning) drawings and good distribution maps of all plant species in Scandinavia, the crucial … Continue reading

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What is hiding in mountain roadsides?

5 years later, we are getting ready for a re-survey of our longterm observational plots along the roads in the Norwegian mountains. The perfect moment to summarize for a second what we learned from our first trip. This post was published … Continue reading

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Species on the move

The world’s climate is changing rapidly. There, I said it! A statement backed by scientific evidence that keeps piling up, day by day. Yet, what is perhaps even more important: the impact of this changing climate on our world are now … Continue reading

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