It is as if Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings is sending his black clouds over the country and we are looking at the last ray of sun before the darkness of the Dark Lord overtakes our lands.

Supercell - 4

That is the current situation here in Belgium. I do not usually blog right from ‘in the action’, but this dramatic weather had to be shared with you.

Supercell - 2

These are views to the west over the roofs of Kontich, a little village between Antwerp and Brussels. To the east, there is pitch black skies with stroboscopic lightning, so I seem to be right in the middle of it!

And again, 2016 delivers with some more crazy weather.

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5 Responses to Supercell

  1. Are thunder storms uncommon there?

    • Big thunderstorms actually are not so common here. We are used to thunder and lighting after periods of warm weather in summer, but this year, there is one after another. This year till now has been the wettest on record, so that’s definitely unusual.

      • We have had a wet year here in Texas too. Big storms are not unusual. We were in a drought for several years and the storms disappeared, but are back now. I have to admit I love watching the storms come in. Your photo was beautiful with the sun behind it.

  2. Wonderful eerie steeple shot.

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