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The impact of extreme weather on the cultivation of potatoes

Blogpost written by Bart Deronde, and originally published (in a much prettier shape) on the blog of VITO. In spring 2021, the largest citizen science campaign ever on the impact of heat and drought in Flanders’ gardens & fields ‘CurieuzeNeuzen in … Continue reading

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An anticipated package

Last week brought a fantastic and long-anticipated present from the Czech Republic in my mail: two heavy boxes with over a hundred TOMST TMS-4s. That name is a code for something that I would call without exaggeration a new era in … Continue reading

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Research network

Science works best when people work together. This is especially true for the big questions, that involve the whole world in all its complexity. With our growing SoilTemp-database, that is exactly the type of questions we hope to answer: how are … Continue reading

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So dry

It is dry in Western Europe. Extremely dry. Dry enough for me to to write a blogpost about it for http://www.eoswetenschap.eu, our local popular science journal. They asked me if the current drought could serve as proof that the climate … Continue reading

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It is as if Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings is sending his black clouds over the country and we are looking at the last ray of sun before the darkness of the Dark Lord overtakes our lands. That is … Continue reading

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Feels like cold

The atmosphere of autumn in the Swedish mountains is totally different from the feeling of summer. The mountains seem to be a lot less hospitable, with their stubborn clouds and rainy weather. But for those who manage to look through the … Continue reading

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