Feels like cold

The atmosphere of autumn in the Swedish mountains is totally different from the feeling of summer. The mountains seem to be a lot less hospitable, with their stubborn clouds and rainy weather.

Waterfall in the mist

But for those who manage to look through the curtains of mist, there is a beautiful world hidden up there, with amazing views appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Laktajakka valley, Sweden

I am safely home from fieldwork in the north, where winter is rapidly approaching, and I will turn my back to the cold and fly off to Turkey now. I’ll take one extra week of summer to relax in the sun, before plunging head first in the large and interesting data pile that I have been collecting the last few months.

   Rock in the mist in Abisko

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1 Response to Feels like cold

  1. iosatel says:

    Beautiful atmospheric images!

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