Brussels-Madrid, a midnight cross-over of the Atlantic Ocean and the whole of South America, and a one hour flight south from Santiago, and there we were: Concepcíon, close to the Pacific Ocean, in Central Chile.


There, on the shores of the Biobio river, we spend our first Chilean evening, meeting the local MIREN-people, making plans for fieldwork to come, eating delicious food, and washing away the tiredness of the travels.


Walking across the riverbed of the Biobio-river

With this post, I like to introduce you to an upcoming series of stories from our ongoing fieldtrip to South America. A fieldtrip that brought together French, Belgian, Chilean and Argentinean MIREN-people to tackle cool new questions on plant distributions along mountain roads. Stories will slowly trickle in, as fieldwork and bad internet might hold me back.

Next up: the Andes!

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5 Responses to Concepcíon

  1. stappersjos says:

    Nice pictures!

  2. I am looking forward to your posts.

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