Midnight sun

One of the many perks of fieldwork in the high north is the midnight sun, the ‘endless day’ of weeks in a row.

Midnight sun - 1

Midnight sun above lake Törnetrask, Abisko

While it has its advantages for long days of fieldwork, it surely also adds to the spirit. If there is anything that one loves, it is light, and the Arctic summer has plenty of it.

Midnight sun - 2

Equisetum sylvaticum, the woodland horsetail, the little Christmas trees of the north

I am now getting used to this pretty much, though: no worries about when to end your day, no worries about how long the hike can be, or how early it can start. A blessing for a short field trip like those we have in the north.

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5 Responses to Midnight sun

  1. amoodindigosoul says:

    It must felt weird at first.Do you still check your watch / time ? Admittedly I am in the dark about living in such places, thus the question. 😆

    • Unconsciously, you start doing more in a day, but I feel it fairly easy to adjust to the time (maybe cause I’ve been there more often already). You can still use the sun as your watch (if it’s not cloudy 🙂 ).

      • amoodindigosoul says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply and coz of this post -I’ve been humming my favourite tune ‘midnight sun will never set’ 😆 Have a lovely day !

  2. such a beautiful little plant – how strong they must be to cope with such conditions

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