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More than ever, we will be spending time in the lab this autumn. Finally, the big step has been made: we are digging belowground! It had been high on my wishlist for a long time, but besides a few interesting … Continue reading

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The secrets under our feet

I have been saying it ample times: you can not understand the true behaviour of plants in the mountains without looking at what happens belowground. I have been saying it ample times indeed, yet now we finally have the opportunity to … Continue reading

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The mad scientist tea party

Do you know how ecologists have a tea party? They bury their tea in the Arctic and wait a year to give it that perfect soil touch. This is the ideal season to stay inside, close to the Christmas tree, with … Continue reading

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Out you go!

Little brave seedlings, surviving everything they have to go through! At least until now… Remember the seeds we planted earlier? They were growing so successfully and swift, I decided they were ready for action. They even survived transplantation in separate little pots, followed … Continue reading

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The mushroom mystery

Claiming that counting plants tells you everything you want to know about their growing success in the mountains is like claiming you know the whole fungi-community by looking only at mushrooms. Mushrooms, those pretty ones with their nice funny heads, are only the fruits, the … Continue reading

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