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Will they make it?

For two years, we let our plants endure a variety of stressful conditions up in the high north: snow, cold, competition, nutrient limitations, they all got to deal with it in various amounts. We monitored them all along the way, … Continue reading

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Out you go!

Little brave seedlings, surviving everything they have to go through! At least until now… Remember the seeds we planted earlier? They were growing so successfully and swift, I decided they were ready for action. They even survived transplantation in separate little pots, followed … Continue reading

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Catch the wind

Wind blows along unseen, but not unfelt. Winds are everywhere and serve especially in the mountains as an omnipresent companion. I tried to catch the impressiveness of this natural force in pictures to help imagining what mountain plants have to face … Continue reading

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Survival tricks from the plant world

What I find highly fascinating about plants is how they trick us all. At first sight, they look so helpless. Which, I assure you, they are NOT! There is this saying: “if you don’t like it where your are, just … Continue reading

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