Out you go!

Little brave seedlings, surviving everything they have to go through! At least until now…

Brave dandelion seedling

Remember the seeds we planted earlier? They were growing so successfully and swift, I decided they were ready for action. They even survived transplantation in separate little pots, followed by cold adaptation to the grey outside conditions of early december, all with almost a hundred percent survival rate.

Plant seedlings in plant tray

 So last week was the best moment to start with the real action and plant them in the gaps in our experimental grassland. We had one nice and sunny day this week that served as the perfect opportunity to put them out.

Experimental vegetation gap

Which is where they are now, ready to face the real winter. Unfortunately, we already had some crazy thunderstorms in the second half of the week. I did not have the chance yet to check how our little friends reacted to these massive downpours, but it would be a pity if all of them washed away on the high tides…

Abstract seedlings

Scary wait, it is, at least till next monday!

Experimental vegetation gap

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4 Responses to Out you go!

  1. Hopefully they’ll do fine!

  2. Hanna says:

    Cross my fingers 🙂

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