The mushroom mystery

Claiming that counting plants tells you everything you want to know about their growing success in the mountains is like claiming you know the whole fungi-community by looking only at mushrooms.

Large mushroom in lawn

Mushrooms, those pretty ones with their nice funny heads, are only the fruits, the apples of a massive apple tree, one acorn of a huge oak. The whole body of the fungus is below the surface, and it is there that all the action takes place.

Puffball with a mushroom friend

Understanding a fungus requires some digging, as you will want to know what is going on underneath the earth’s surface. Knowing plants might in the end require the same effort.

Fly amanitas

An important part of a plant’s life indeed happens in the invisible ‘black box’ that is underneath the soil: it is there that they find their nutrients, it is there they dig for water. For a major part, it is decided under the soil surface who is going to live and who will have to die.

Mushrooms on deadwood in a forest

Counting and measuring aboveground plant parts only gives the final result of an ongoing fight below the surface.

Brown mushroom in autumn

So from now on, I will put in more effort to challenge this black box and find out what is happening there. I will start digging for answers to my questions in the dirt and the mud, as it is there that all solutions are hiding.

Fungi growing on dead tree

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6 Responses to The mushroom mystery

  1. lexborgia says:

    Nice post. I truly love this one Cheers.

  2. iosatel says:

    Great series, perfectly done!

  3. nlmoriyama says:

    such interesting little delights found on the ground. Nice post!

  4. The never-boring autumn season in all its glory 😀

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