This week I had a milestone to celebrate, as I got my 1000th picture accepted on Fotolia! That was an event I could not just let go by, as reaching this milestone is a serious reward for long hours of work outside in nature, but also behind the computer.

Photographer on mountain top

You can visit this growing portfolio here and wander through rows of travel images from all over the world, details from Flanders fields and close-ups of random objects.

Mustard on field

Photography is big business as making pictures gets increasingly easy, so stock websites have the opportunity to be picky about what they want to accept and what not, making it a certain struggle to get out there.

Boat on lake Nahuel Huapi

However, a certain bit of persistance and a growing mountain of pictures seems to be rewarded now. The next milestone – selling my 100th picture – is even around the corner already!

Mushrooms in meadow

This is also the perfect time to thank my girlfriend for helping with uploading all these pictures, a massive work that should never be underestimated.

Belgian Church

So please forgive me this little celebration with a random selection of pictures recently made available on Fotolia, and feel free to visit my portfolio!

Acrobatic gull catching fish

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