Sowing the seeds

There is a high-speed germination experiment going on in the basement.

I will have a student doing a short master project on the survival capacity of gap colonisers this winter. He will keep a close eye on extreme winter temperatures during the whole season and link these extreme events to the survival of plants on different locations in grassland gaps.


Highly interesting stuff, as it will be the first experimental testing of one of my own theories. I was however not fully prepared to launch the experiment already this year. But when this student showed up in search for a project, I saw a great opportunity to trigger an early launch.


Of course, this early start means I needed some plants. Luckily, I always have an extra set of seeds available, so those could immediately go under the sun-simulator lamp. With the help of optimal soil-, water-, temperature- and lightconditions, the tiny seeds ‘overtroffen’ themselves and germinated within 3 days.


That means they could already go to the next phase: a greenhouse with a temperature 2 °C higher than outside temperature. Less ideal conditions, so there quick growth will soon be hampered, but this is necessary to let them adjust gradually to outside temperatures, before they go in full soil next week.

I will keep a close eye on them and wish them all the best!

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