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Good morning, sunshine state! Allow me to bring some mountain ecology to the Florida wetlands… I’m here in Fort Lauderdale for the conference of the Ecological Society of America, ready to spread the word about our research. Exciting!

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Symmetrical sunset

An eccentric yet beautiful sunset over the Leuvense Vaart in Mechelen, Belgium. The day had brought a small depression with a little bit of rain, but not enough to take away the heat that was lying heavily on the country. … Continue reading

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The graveyard

On our way south from Punta Arenas to the most beautiful of our mountain gradients, we drive along the beautiful coast of the street of Magellan. I hope to post about its beautiful nature in the near future, but now I … Continue reading

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Keep your head above the water

It is winter time in Belgium, and winter time means water! Belgium is kinda famous for its bad weather, with 800 mm average annual precipitation evenly spread over all months of the year. This 800 mm is in no way comparable with the liters … Continue reading

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A true circus act

The sad thing about being a plant scientist is that those plants rarely put on an impressive show. Every now and then, I thus have to shift away from the plant- to the animal kingdom to get some more excitement and experience … Continue reading

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An attractive straight line

    I was able to convert my love for the fairy-like world of the mountains in a fantastic daytime job, something I am really grateful for. However, I am equally much in love with the overwhelming power and complex simplicity … Continue reading

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