A true circus act

The sad thing about being a plant scientist is that those plants rarely put on an impressive show.

Gull on a hunt

Every now and then, I thus have to shift away from the plant- to the animal kingdom to get some more excitement and experience breath-taking hunting skills and the circus act that is the fight for food.

Hovering gull

This time, we were on a boat on the Mediterranean Sea, on a trip to explore the offshore beauty of the Costa Brava, with its cliffs, holes, islands and highly diverse sea life.


The boat crew put on a nice show for us with the help of a large flock of seagulls, ready to show of their flight skills.

Gull catching fish

They caught the fish in mid-air, without any hesitation and never missed one.

Gull diving for fish

You should have seen them, diving, turning, hovering, as skill full as  the best.  I just gazed, impressed, and flapped my useless arms. Flying might not be my skill.

Gull catching fish mid-air

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4 Responses to A true circus act

  1. nlmoriyama says:

    great action shots of gull catching fish mid air!

  2. Cindi says:

    Wow, what fantastic action photography; the closeups bring it alive. I’ll look at the gulls chasing the fishing boats on the fjord below us a little bit differently now — they’re too far away to see clearly, but I’ll have a better idea of what they’re doing.

    Although I doubt the locals are really throwing them fish. 😉

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