Slow and steady

Slow and steady snail

The Costa Brava is full of snails. When it is hot, they are hiding in their house, safe from the heat and drought. They wait, wait and wait, patiently and motionless, until it finally starts raining.


Rain can be crazy here immediate and drastic, big thunderstorms that turn streets into raging rivers. When the storms pass – almost as quick as they started – nature totally changed its appearance.

After the thunderstorm Hundreds of little frogs and toads everywhere, thousands of snails on the move, all shiny and new.

Mediterranean tree frog

The next day brings on a new burning sun, drying out the pools, pushing the water-lovers back into hiding.

Dry Spanish soil

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5 Responses to Slow and steady

  1. Beautiful photos and nicely done.

  2. Nicely done. It’s a pity some fishies didn’t come with all that rain…

  3. nlmoriyama says:

    great to see and read about your adventures!

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