From the high north to the south of Europe.

View on the bay of Rosas

From the cold-limited mountains in Lapland to the dry rocky mountain slopes of Catalonia in less than a week time.

Mediterranean shrub on a mountain top

I am enjoying the end of the summer with a burning sun, admiring once again the power of the surviving plants and animals.

Dry mountain vegetation

With nothing more living company then some lizards and crickets, we hiked to the top of Nas del Bisbe, an impressive pile of rock overlooking the surrounding lowlands.


View on the Costa Brava, Catalonia

It is funny to see how the surviving plants look similar to those in the high north: small leaves to hold as much water as possible, and a stunted growth to stay close to the protection of the ground.

Rosemary flowers

Torroella de Montgri

One more week to enjoy the summer, before I have to go back to the office to dive into the pile of data from the field season. But I promise I will get the most out of it!

   Photographer on a mountain     Cross on the mountain

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  1. Good luck with all that data, dude. You know, you need a nice, lovely kat like me to stretch out on all those data sheets and help you keep them organized- 😺

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