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This was 2017 (1)

It’s list-season again! Oh yes, the end of the year approaches and everybody bombards you with their best-offs and unforgettables of 2017. Please forgive me that I want to join in on that fun. No better way to summarise what … Continue reading

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Wave out the year

Take a step back. Wave out the year. Cherish your treasures. Take your time for it… Soon, there will be a new year, with plenty of new possibilities. But for now, it’s Christmas! Now we can just be happy with what … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

The holidays are upon us! My merry microclimate measurement machinery has already gone into party-mode, ready to celebrate the darkest part of the year. These microclimatic party-animals are however determined to ignore the grey weather and let the temperatures run high during the holidays! For … Continue reading

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An attractive straight line

    I was able to convert my love for the fairy-like world of the mountains in a fantastic daytime job, something I am really grateful for. However, I am equally much in love with the overwhelming power and complex simplicity … Continue reading

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