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Is the coronavirus good news for the climate?

Guest post by Sara Vicca (UA, dept. Biologie), Ann Crabbé (UA, dept. Sociologie) and Steven Van Passel (UA, FBE). This blog appeared earlier in Dutch on http://www.globalchangeecology.blog and in English on http://www.scientists4climate.be. Translated by Jonas Lembrechts with DeepL. Is the coronavirus good … Continue reading

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Eating villages

The Port of Antwerp is very hungry. In the last century, it has been eating several villages and thousands of acres of land to meet the requirements of being a globally competing economic center. I find it interesting to wander in … Continue reading

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Christmas lights shine bright

I received an amazing present from under the christmas tree this holiday season. It is called WakaWaka (‘Shine bright’ in Swahili) and it is a beautiful little solar panel. And now I am just holding a little bit of future … Continue reading

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The graveyard

On our way south from Punta Arenas to the most beautiful of our mountain gradients, we drive along the beautiful coast of the street of Magellan. I hope to post about its beautiful nature in the near future, but now I … Continue reading

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