A PhD-summary

Good news! My PhD is successfully defended, and the main message I wanted to tell to the whole world is now out. Extra good news: I published a little booklet for those who want to know what my work is about, summarizing my PhD with the help of the blogposts I published here throughout the years. You can buy the book at shopmybooks.com:

Website blog-PhD

You can read the published chapters here as well, each of them linked to a paper we published throughout my PhD:

Plant species are on the move, and it is us humans who move them – on the role of humans in the changing distributions of mountain plants


Chapter 1
Changes in the mountains – on the effects of roads on mountain vegetation
More about roadside vegetation – on changes in these road effects with elevation
Aliens and their way to the top – on non-native plant invasions along mountain roads
Escaping the roadsides – non-native plant invasions into the undisturbed mountain vegetation


Chapter 2
A small-scale dilemma – on the highly local effects of disturbance on climate and plants.

Chapter 3
Plant traffic along mountain roads – on the up- and downward shifts in species distributions in mountain roadsides.

Chapter 4
Where we disturb nature, the invaders quickly follow – on the experimental disentangling of the drivers behind plant invasion in mountains.

Chapter 5
A story of hotspots and stepping stones – on how plants can use warm microclimates to travel uphill.

Garden angelica flanking mountain road

Chapter 6
More. Higher. Faster. – on the global increase in non-native species above the treeline.

Chapter 7
Matching the plant with the environment: what makes invasive plant species so successful?

Chapter 8
An easy solution to a complicated issue – on the effects of species evenness in biodiversity experiments.

Chapter 9
On how leaves decompose – on the effect of local climate on leave decomposition.


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  1. Such important work! Thanks for serving the planet!!!

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