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Escaping the roadsides

Aliens in the lowlands! Aliens slowly fighting their way up on the mountains, surviving competition and increasingly harsh conditions! Aliens looming in roadside edges, ready to invade the undisturbed mountain vegetation…  I got the chance to present my alien plant research on a … Continue reading

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Changes in the mountains

Mountains are increasingly important islands of nature in our rapidly changing world. They contain some of the most diverse biodiversity hotspots in the world, have a high aesthetic value and their conservation even has a lot of economic importance. There … Continue reading

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I got my first paper published (the one that kept me waiting so impatiently), and the story even got covered by the popular media! They were impressed by our warning that alien plant species are not stopped by the freezing … Continue reading

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…the bad…

Chili is a land of extremes. Even this far south, human influence succeeded in ruining whole ecosystems. Here, the funny thing is that nobody bothered to clean up the mess. In the whole area around Punta Arenas, all evergreen native … Continue reading

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… and the ugly

Punta Arenas is a horrible city. Except one interesting main market place and a pretty cemetery there is nothing at all attractive about it. The main  tourist attraction is a carriage museum. A nice spot, but apparently not worth the … Continue reading

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The power of dandelions

I’ve been completely wrong all the time! I knew that invasive plants were an issue and I knew you could find them everywhere in the world. But I couldn’t have imagined their real impact. Even Punta Arenas, a city as … Continue reading

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