The power of dandelions

I’ve been completely wrong all the time! I knew that invasive plants were an issue and I knew you could find them everywhere in the world. But I couldn’t have imagined their real impact. Even Punta Arenas, a city as far away from the rest of the world as you can go, even this city is completely engulfed by invasive plants.

The dandelion is the most impressive one. It turns out to be the most common plant in the whole city, easily overruling all native species. Whole fields turn yellow due to massive flowers, even bigger than at home.

It’s allowed to be impressed, because these dandelions show a remarkable flexibility. Even when it’s snowing,even when strong and cold wind still remind of the horrible winter, even then dandelions are flowering. Hundreds, maybe thousands of them.Dandelion2

As strong as a dandelion. If it ain’t a proverb yet, it should become one soon. 

Dandelion3 Dandelion1

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