Birds, birds everywhere! Small, active songbirds, majestically floating birds of prey, angry shouting lapwings protecting their young… Birds everywhere, and all of them different from the species I know. That’s a good thing, because now even the most common birds know how to impress me.

Luckily, birds are not as shy here as they are in Belgium. I can get as close as I want, which is good news for the camera.

Check out the photostream ‘Punta Arenas’ on the front page for a growing list of pictures of this wonderful place.


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2 Responses to Birds

  1. Johan Lembrechts says:

    Dag Jonas,
    Steeds weer leuk om je verhaaltje te lezen.
    En in de database van documenten over invasieve soorten mag dit document of de Europese voorloper ervan niet ontbreken:

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