I got my first paper published (the one that kept me waiting so impatiently), and the story even got covered by the popular media! They were impressed by our warning that alien plant species are not stopped by the freezing cold in the subarctic mountains when they are transported there by unlearned travelers.

The research article itself can be downloaded from my ResearchGate or be read on the website of PLoS ONE.  The highlights got cited on several Belgian news sites (among others: DeMorgen, De Redactie). Unfortunately, media cover has only been in Dutch for now, but the English version of the press release can be found here. Definitely worth the read!

My story on

As the media show only the most exciting part of the results and the scientific version may be a bit boring to read, I will break down the main story to a more interesting read on my blog over the next days.

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3 Responses to Press

  1. Herman says:

    Congrats, Jonas!

  2. Hope says:

    So happy for you, Jonas. Congratulations!!

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