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Summer plans!

Designing the experiment might be the most important part of the ecological research. All details have to be well thought-out in order to have a chance to find answers on the questions you have. I am currently putting a lot of … Continue reading

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Out you go!

Little brave seedlings, surviving everything they have to go through! At least until now… Remember the seeds we planted earlier? They were growing so successfully and swift, I decided they were ready for action. They even survived transplantation in separate little pots, followed … Continue reading

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Sowing the seeds

There is a high-speed germination experiment going on in the basement. I will have a student doing a short master project on the survival capacity of gap colonisers this winter. He will keep a close eye on extreme winter temperatures … Continue reading

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Put it to the test

Research equipment should live up to high standards. And that is not only limited to the expensive stuff, everything should be high quality so it will not ruin the results. Today, I tested some waterproof markers on their ability to … Continue reading

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Next-level gardening

I have been shoveling, digging and ploughing like a madman lately (all for this project). I imagine the mare in the neighboring field warning her little baby to stay away from this crazy scientist-gardener, who seemed to be randomly digging circular holes … Continue reading

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New plans

Hooray! I got permission to start a new experiment this summer! This time no exotic location, however. I will stay with both feet on the university grounds, where I got access to almost 100 square meter of boring grassland on the … Continue reading

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