Put it to the test

Research equipment should live up to high standards. And that is not only limited to the expensive stuff, everything should be high quality so it will not ruin the results.

Today, I tested some waterproof markers on their ability to survive harsh conditions. I had five different ones, all of them at least claimed to be waterproof and suited for outdoor marking.


I tried them all on the white plant labels that would serve to mark every patch of seeds, so we will be able to find them back next season (so they should be able to survive a summer and a winter).


Then I used the power of my thumb to simulate a ‘harsh condition’. The second one was a complete lie, one soft swipe with my finger and all the letters were gone! The others did much better. Mister Edding 8055 lost most of his color, but the three ‘permanent’ markers came out as quiet permanent.

I decided that the one on the right won the game, and started marking my 1728 labels.


Read my latest post about all these preparations for the field season on the Arctic Research blog

And take your time to take a look on the right of this blog, were I created a new PHOTO GALLERY of my time in France!

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2 Responses to Put it to the test

  1. Ann says:

    Oppassen met rood! Verkleurt heel snel in de zon. Slechte ervaring mee 🙂

    • Zoiets meende ik mij inderdaad te herinneren! Hoewel mijn klein testje voor de rode stift dus best goeie resultaten gaf, heb ik toch maar voor zwart gekozen, want zonverkleuring kon ik niet testen :).

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