Goodbye spring

Goodbye, spring, it is sad to part again after this awfully short reunion!

Wood anemone

We have had some sunny days, hinting towards the beautiful season that should be on its way. Even the flowers felt the change in the atmosphere, budding everywhere to show their most optimistic colours.


Daffodil in Park Den Brandt, Antwerp

But spring did not gather its full strength yet here in Belgium. Most days bring rain and cold and a chilling wind. And even when the situation would improve the coming days, I will not be in Europe anymore to celebrate the true breakthrough of spring.

Spring in the pond

I will leave again early next week to the other side of the world, for my last fieldwork visit to the Southern Hemisphere, where autumn is now fully on its way.

Wood anemone

Wood anemone in a spring forest in Vlaams Brabant.

Predictions for Punta Arenas are even less appealing than the rainy spring weather of Belgium: ten degrees, with rain and a malicious wind of 6 beaufort, at least for the very first days.

Emerging chestnut bud

I will pack all warm clothes I own, and save those images of happy Belgian spring flowers in my head to keep me warm. Let’s just hope those winds don’t blow me off the end of the world…

   Spring flower Spring leaves of common hawthorn

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4 Responses to Goodbye spring

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Oh, you poor thing! To have come through winter and then you have to face it all over again. Arrgh! Hopefully, your love of your research will bolster you. How long will you be there?

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