Paw  Thanks to my personal favorite Santa Claus, I recently added these nice little rings to my photographic equipment:

Macro lens

It is a 4-piece close-up lens set that will allow me to get incredibly close to my subject. They are especially useful to capture the beautiful mini-majestic world I lost my heart to. I hope to use them to bring you more breathtaking images of the plants I study. I promise to take them with me as I travel the globe.


Other photographers wondering if they would prefer these above a regular macro-lens: the quality is not comparable, but if you are limited in packing weight (as I am when I am on a scientific mission) and still want to catch some of the macro-world, these lenses are an irresistible option. Major plus: they are not expensive at all.


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3 Responses to Macro

  1. Herman says:

    Beautiful cat… A Mr. Bowie look-alike…

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