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Scicomm award

We won! The CurieuzeNeuzen team is one of the winners of the Annual Science Communication Prize of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium! The prize is awarded to researchers who are committed to creative and accessible science communication. CurieuzeNeuzen in … Continue reading

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Communication is key

If you want to do science with impact, communication is key. Thanks to the Flemish PhD Cup, a ‘scicomm’ competition for recent PhD graduates, I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn this from professionals. When you see this tower on … Continue reading

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Green living things

There is an interesting challenge around, inspired by a comic from xkcd, in which scientists try to explain their research with only the thousand (or better: “ten-hundred”) most common words in the English language. Well, that’s the kind of challenge … Continue reading

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Adding stones to the mountain

I felt humbled and proud at the same time when I realized my paper citation count on Google Scholar reached 100 this week. I know, modern science is focussing way too much on the numbers, but what this particular number … Continue reading

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