Adding stones to the mountain

I felt humbled and proud at the same time when I realized my paper citation count on Google Scholar reached 100 this week. I know, modern science is focussing way too much on the numbers, but what this particular number mostly means to me, is that my voice is starting to be heard. The science we do, the answers we find, they are being used as little building blocks for the giant and ever-growing mountain that is our collective scientific knowledge.


Adding your stone to the top of the pile

Adding your little stone on top of that pile is the most exciting feeling I had as a PhD-student. But now, I feel that my stones start supporting new stones, as the pile keeps growing, and that is even more satisfactory. So I know that this ‘100’ does not mean anything on its own, yet the knowledge that I can contribute, that I can help push science forward, does. A lot.



Making your voice heard in science takes time, but is oh so rewarding

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3 Responses to Adding stones to the mountain

  1. Congratulations! ūüôā

  2. Koen Lembrechts says:

    Keep on adding stones, Jonas!

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