Following from afar

What a feeling that gives: when your PhD- and master-students are rocking their fieldwork, and pictures of their successes are tumbling past.

Case in point: this success for our mountain trail surveys in Norway, finished in the rain and with a few stubborn Carex species that require patient identification at home, yet finished nonetheless:

It makes me proud to see the new generation doing so well, and expanding on the knowledge I gained in those happy years that were my own PhD. Ones in a while, they need my expertise, for example to identify some funny looking high-elevation grasses, but I already feel it happening: they are becoming experts on their own along the way, pushing the boundaries of science for their own important topics.


Poa alpina, a wonderful grass species that grows its offspring ON itself. Here in the hands of a PhD-student in Sweden. 

A pride-filled summer, for sure.

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