Throwback December

Visit the new picture gallery on the right of this blog: Sweden and Norway 2017!


Northern wheatear

Oenanthe oenanthe (wheatear), owning the alpine tundra Abisko, Sweden

It’s never too late to remember the summer. With snow currently probably packed high on the Scandinavian mountain tops, and the sun again hidden beneath the horizon for the next few months, it is the perfect moment to look back at those glorious days of the midnight sun.

Husky sledgehounds Lapland

Husky overlooking lake Torneträsk – Laktatjakka valley

In this post, I’ll let you marvel at some amazing sights from Swedish Lapland, but I also  created a little picture gallery on the right of this blog, showcasing the best pictures of our 2017 field season in Scandinavian Lapland. Admire the views and take in the stunning backdrop of mountains that every year temporarily becomes our office, while we all count down the days till a new Arctic midsummer.

Blue heath

Phyllodoce caerulea, blue heath

Reindeer herd on snow patch, Abisko, Lapland

Reindeer herd on a snowpatch

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