The final countdown

Quietly and virtually unnoticed, this PhD entered its last year. For over 4 years (5 if you include my master thesis project), I have been working on the story of moving plants. Those readers following the blog from the start, in October 2013 (hello, you, thanks for sticking around!) have seen this story evolve with me, from my first thoughts on that very first experiment (what drives plant invasion in mountains?), to a broad topic with branches expanding in all directions.


Now, with the last year truly started, we are more than ever aiming for the future. I have to finish my doctoral thesis, of course, but mostly we will be developing new projects, applying for money, establishing new collaborations; getting new plans on the rails.

Swedish subarctic - 155

The road is never easy, but luckily roadmarks and trustworthy guides are never far away

So these are critical times. My little PhD-raft has clearly been caught onto a series of rapids on the river of science. Yet a raft built on great ideas, tied together with a network of fantastic colleagues, is not likely to sink, no matter how wild the rapids are. I can confirm I am still in control of the rudder of my raft, and enjoying the ride. And more than ever curious and excited about what is hiding downstreams.

The harbour in the village of Torneträsk

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5 Responses to The final countdown

  1. Koen Lembrechts says:

    Veel succes, Jonas!

  2. Good luck with your final PhD year. It has been very interesting and you have opened my eyes to many new thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Good luck! It must feel good to be so close.

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