Autumn is awesome

At least when the sun is shining…


That’s what I call a color palette: yellow birch forest meets blue lake Torneträsk in Abisko.

Currently, we are hiding inside for the autumn rains and the poor 6 °C they come with. Yet when the sun is out to lighten up all the colors, the Arctic world seems to be on fire. We have 8 days of autumn fieldwork here in Abisko, Sweden, and the weather already promised to be, well, interesting.


Hiking trail above lake Torneträsk in Abisko

Unfortunately, we cannot hide for long. The work needs to be done, the time is limited. We will have to face the rains and the freezing cold this afternoon, and start our struggle with wet papers and even more soaking wet willow shrubs.


The arctic birches are at the height of their yellowness

But hey, we keep our spirits up, as long as you have hot tea to take in the field, all will be fine. But your support for our cold task is very much welcomed!


Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) can turn whole areas beautifully red

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