Sweden is the land of the berries. That statement inevitably pops up in your head if you roam through the Scandinavian mountains in September.


The bunchberry or dwarf cornel (Cornus suecica). Should be edible, but I did not try to eat it yet…

Cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, raspberries, stone brambles, bilberries, bunchberries, they got them all, hundreds, or even thousands of them.

They are not all as tasty, though, but it seems impossible to walk a hundred meters without seeing the blueberries, the uncrowned king of the Scandinavian berrymania.


The high season for blueberry-mania; the berries are fat and everywhere

My personal favourite is once and for all the cloudberry, but unfortunately they have been impossible to find up till now. Unlike the bluebbery, they do not grow in these vast fields, yet more lonely in the bogs.


Nothing like a good field of blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) to colour your autumn red

The good news for us: looking at plants is our most important job here during our ecological fieldwork in Abisko in the high north. And if that includes some berry-work, so be it… We cannot let these precious things go to waste, can we?

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7 Responses to Berrymania

  1. Excellent photos! Beautiful!

  2. annamadeit says:

    We Swedes DO love our berries! When I moved to the US, for a long time, I thought those tall shrubs Americans refer to as Blueberries were so odd and out of scale, having only experienced the low growing Scandinavian wild berries. I have since learned… I don’t even think Cloudberries exist over here – maybe up north, in Canada?

  3. distancewide says:

    … again beautiful pictures. We like following you.
    Yes, the berry season .. and I love blue berries 🙂

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