Like the fellowship of the ring trying to cross the Redhorn Pass, where Saruman sent a snowstorm to throw them back, that’s how we felt today.


Dramatic autumn sceneries in Laktatjakka valley

Our personal Mount Caradras was the Laktatjakka valley, the valley of doom, where a permanent cloud seems to be stationed day in day out. While in the rest of Lapland the sun got plenty of playtime today, we quickly walked into the mist. At 900 meters already, the snow started to fall, while we had to go up to a 1200.


Goodbye beautiful sunny weather (in the valley in the far back), we are ready to enter the cloud!

We tried, I have to say, we tried our very best, but the mountain was too strong. Winter caught up to us in the most dramatic way. I did not want to overdo it, though, there is no reason to freeze of your fingers for a few plots, so better safe than sorry. Luckily, hiking was still perfectly doable- the snow was not that bad, but identifying plants if they are covered in a layer of fresh snow, that is just not the best idea.


Aiming higher, but the snow was not gonna get less

You will have to forgive me though that photographic proof of our adventure is limited, I was just not feeling the urge to take out my camera with the snowflakes beating down at us!


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7 Responses to Defeated

  1. You certainly got some very dramatic shots.

  2. distancewide says:

    beautiful pictures !!!!!
    and a great post. Thanks for sharing !

  3. hazel says:

    Oh dear. Such is the life of a scientist doing field work! I hope the weather clears up so you get some work done, but you got beautiful shots!

    • It turned out tricky, we had a bit of everything concerning the weather, and a few tasks had to be removed from the to do-list, but hey, enough things were done to keep me busy all winter long in the office :)!

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