Charging the batteries

Meerdaelwoud - 5

The end of August is the best season to see the heather flowering

A few more days of charging the batteries here in Belgium before we head up back north to the colds of the Arctic.

Meerdaelwoud - 6

There seems to be an unfortunate negative correlation between the weather in Belgium and the weather in the north of Scandinavia. Now Belgium and the rest of Western Europe are enjoying a lengthy period of beautiful summer weather, but as usual the northern Scandes seem to be left out of it.

Meerdaelwoud - 8

This mostly likely means I gonna have to put my head in the clouds again next week, as the low-hanging clouds seem to be omnipresent on our mountain. Yet you never know for sure what the weather will bring, so I’ll just keep my hopes up high!

Meerdaelwoud - 9

No reason though to deprive myself of sun and warmth while I’m still down here at home. And where better to celebrate summer than between the big beeches and oaks of the Meerdaal forest, one of Flanders’ oldest forests?

Meerdaelwoud - 3

GR-route through the Meerdaalwoud

Meerdaelwoud - 4

Red admiral butterfly


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