A fifteen minutes city trip

I am on a roll with my computerwork! With fieldwork being on hold till summer is back, I can thoroughly work on all the data analyses, and that is going very smooth.

With all that working inside, I feared however that I would totally miss the beginning of spring. Luckily, I had the opportunity last week for a fifteen minutes city trip to the ever-amazing city of Antwerp.

Fot - 3

The inner tower of Het Steen, the old fortress on the shore of the river Scheldt

Sun was shining, the first hint of warmth was in the air, birds were becoming more active, the first few on my list of anticipated signs of spring could be crossed off.

Fot - 2

Beautiful view over the river Scheldt.

By the way, I can truly recommend the concept of the fifteen minutes city trip to everybody! When the sun is out, you do not need more time to breath in the atmosphere of a city. Important is, you should not hurry. Just use one landmark that would shine the brightest in the sun and take in its beauty. In that way, a fifteen minutes citytrip is always better than no citytrip at all.

Fot - 4

And after that, it is back to work with a fresh mind and fresh energy to get these awesome papers written!

Fot - 1

The statue of Lange Wapper and Het Steen.

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2 Responses to A fifteen minutes city trip

  1. Great article and pretty interesting trip. Great photos! 🙂

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