The road to publication

Sometimes, the road to publication feels a bit like this:

Fot - 5

Muddy road through a field in Loonbeek, close to Brussels

A combination of a nice little sun as a promise for a reward in the far future, and crazy mud that will slow you down for months. Or picture this:

Fot - 18

Bunkers filled with mean reviewers shooting with painfully reasonable comments at your troubled brain…

But last week, a major hord was crossed for my next (and currently dearest) paper. ‘The authors have addressed all my points satisfactorily. I don’t have any further suggestions to add.’ What a relief! I got major revisions on that paper and when it took more than a month to get an update on its status, I got worried.

Fot - 11

Yet now, when the scary waiting is finally over, I can humbly admit that the review process worked perfect, again: the reviewers pointed out some true flaws in my paper. I adjusted them and made significant improvements to my manuscript. Good for me. Good for science. Good for everybody.


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