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Linguistic wonders

So, I had a little question: did my English vocabulary improve after 5 years of paper writing? Good question, I thought, and nothing our good friend R could not help me answer! So I dove into the data, read in … Continue reading

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Editor’s Choice

Our paper on how plants travel along mountain roads got listed as the editor’s choice in Ecography this month! Good news and a nice acknowledgement of the relevance of the story, and it also implies that the paper is available now for … Continue reading

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At the end of the tunnel

At last, we are slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for our big paper. Okay, it is still a process of slowly crawling towards the end, yet every step is bringing us closer. Let me summarise the … Continue reading

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… and now we wait

Not as peacefully as my two little friends, (they are lucky to not have any worries on their hand), but waiting it is anyway. It is that fase in the project again, when the paper is submitted! And this time, it might be a … Continue reading

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Closing chapters

When I finally read the output from our work in the newspapers, it feels like closing a chapter: we have told our story, and it reached the people that could care. With an article about each of our two recent papers … Continue reading

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A reward for 2012-me

Let’s go back to summer 2012. I am working on my masters thesis in Norway in what was arguably the wettest fieldwork summer till today. Aim of the project was at first to get an idea of the distribution of the … Continue reading

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The road to publication

Sometimes, the road to publication feels a bit like this: A combination of a nice little sun as a promise for a reward in the far future, and crazy mud that will slow you down for months. Or picture this: Bunkers filled … Continue reading

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