Closing chapters

When I finally read the output from our work in the newspapers, it feels like closing a chapter: we have told our story, and it reached the people that could care.

Closing chapter - 2

Article in EOS about our paper in Ecography that you might have seen already here

With an article about each of our two recent papers in the main Flemish popular science journal, two chapters could now be closed at the same time.

Closing chapter - 3

Short note on our paper in Biogeosciences

It is a nice feeling; actually contributing to the growing scientific knowledge. Even when the whole research is reduced to one page or even less (in one newspaper I got two sentences only), it feels like society does know a little bit more about the world now than before, and that is at least partly thanks to me.

Closing chapter - 1

Young oak leaves along a trail in het Steentjesbos, Flemish Brabant

Slowly and steadily working towards increased knowledge for me and the rest of the world, isn’t that exactly why we do it?

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