Plant invasion along mountain trails

Good news from within the MIREN network! Last week, we officially launched our next global sampling project, this time concerning non-native species along mountain trails.

View on Torneträsk lake

After our continuous effort to study plant invasion along mountain roads, already since 2007, we will now expand our focus to trails that lead hikers and non-native species to the mountain tops.

Climbing the hill

We will use a design that will be comparable to the one we use along our roads and thus we hope to find the similarities ànd differences between roads and trails. But additionally, we will make use of a very fast sampling approach that will allow us to quickly gather large amounts of data on some highly important species from many more regions all over the world.


You will definitely hear more about all of this soon!

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2 Responses to Plant invasion along mountain trails

  1. Sounds like fascinating work, especially for “young legs”.

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