Website updated

With autumn in the air, I spent some time updating the backbone of this ever-growing website. It was due time to include all adventures from this summer, as this PhD is endlessly evolving, and this website is trying to follow.

Oak leaves

Just some autumn pictures…

There are thus some interesting new things going on at the top of this blog, with amongst others a completed PhD-cv, an informal overview of the whole story. More exciting is the extended list of all countries that until now have been featured on this website and in my PhD-life.


Some of them, like Sweden and Norway, have a reoccurring scientific importance, while others only occasionally pass by (with Scotland the most recent example). But the list keeps growing, and it is amazing to see where this PhD brought me already.


Another chapter that showed significant expansion is that of ‘The science’. There are now already five sub-chapters on the different topics that are important within my PhD. The stories are still growing, and a lot will stay a secret till I get it published, but it shows a nice overview of where I am going.


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