A little bit of support

We recently adopted two cute little friends.

Two gerbils

They are tiny, fluffy, curious and adorable, and I love them.

Gerbil eating

They are called gerbils – a happy type of desert rats – and they promised me to support me through the rest of my PhD.

Gerbil trying to escape

This tiny but appreciated support seemed to have worked already immediately, as last week was a fabulous week at work, with one paper accepted for publication, another co-authored paper accepted for discussion and a third one finally finished and submitted.

Gerbils sleeping in a coconut

As I said earlier, autumn is for writing, and that seems to pay off fairly well now. I am pretty excited to finally reveal soon some of our findings that I had to keep secret for the online world untill now. So please stay tuned for other parts of my PhD-story.

Cute gerbil washing

Until then, enjoy these pictures of my two little friends, and let them bring you as much luck as they brought me.

Whack-a-gerbil     Gerbil eating Whack-a-gerbil

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4 Responses to A little bit of support

  1. They certainly are cute little fellows.

  2. Well, hellllllllooooo there little snacks – uh – I mean, CRITTERS!😹

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