Like a phoenix

You might remember the obscure pictures of the old abandoned greenhouse we found in the forest at the university (from this post).

Greenhouse in the woods

We had two highly efficient days of cleaning, destroying, throwing out and removing the old stuff that was ‘living’ inside.

Where is the greenhouse?

Afterwards, there was another big job of disassembling the steel construction, as it was more or less merged with the forest and firmly hold in place by surprisingly stubborn roots and branches.

Greenhouse detail

Big job, but with a lot of people we won the fight against the old creature and we managed to move it to our own experimental field site. There we rebuilt it for one of my experiments this summer.

Greenhouse detail

Now it is happy and shining again as if it has never been used. The steel bars seem to be truly high quality, as it stands as strong as ever, ignoring the 30 years that have passed since it came into existence.


 The field site is now ready for the summer. Next week, I will initiate the experiment and sow the first seeds of the year. Exciting plans!


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